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Did you know that Italy is not only a country famous for history, art, monuments but also for magic? There are many places soaked of legends, mainly in Rome and Turin.
The capital, thanks to its 2000 years old history, has seen a lot of strange events: one of the most interesting, not really famous, is the alchemic door, placed in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, in the downtown, near Termini Railway Station: nowadays this area is the Roman Chinatown, full of chinese shops, restaurants and, in general, plenty of Asian and African immigrants. By the way, four centuries ago, Massimiliano Palombara, marquis of Pietraforte, hosted in his mansion a secret society founded by Cristina of Sweden, addicted to the esoteric rituals. There were also some valuable members, like Athanasius Kircher and Francesco Burri. The marquis had built in the garden a secret lab for his experiments: one day, a wayfarer, probably the famous alchemist Francesco Bono, arrived here, and the marquis welcomed him. The alchemist was working on the epic philosopher’s stone and, after three days, he left the lab after creating some bars of gold. He also left some notes written in latin with the instructions explained by metaphors. The marquis wasn’t able to decode this text, so he decided to conceal the lab and hid the instructions, building this ancient door. The exact location is not clear, but the two statues at the sides of the door, inspired to an ancient egyptian goddess called Bes, were found near the modern Termini Railway Station, during the excavation.
The second, but according to many experts, the most mysterious city in the world, is Turin, the typical “frontier town” of the magic: Turin belongs to the triangle of the White Magic, with Lyon and Prague but, in the same time, it’s part of the Black Magic triangle, with London and S.Francisco. Turin attracted many exponents of magic, like Nostradamus, the Count of Cagliostro, the Count of Saint Germain, Paracelso, Fulcanelli. It seems that this people arrived in Turin to meet the Elder, the one who knows every secret: his place should be hidden on the foggy hills outside the town, near the Basilica of Superga. Along the experts of magic, Turin has two cores, one for the Good Forces, one for the Evil Power: the first is near Piazza Castello and Piazza Solferino, and the second, the evil one is in Piazza Statuto, where there is located the Hell’s Mouth.
Even the Pope John Paul II, during his visit in 1998, said that Turin was an enigma for him: this town has many saints, and the reason is that it is necessary. In fact, in this kind of places, it could be requested an high level of attention due to the potential presence of “bad” and “evil” events. A coincidence could be the presence of the Holy Shroud, ideal for a city with an abnormal necessity of spiritual conversion.